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LE Gun Accessories
Rail Systems
Flat Top Riser Rails-AR-15/M16
Turn your flat top AR-15 or M16 into the perfect optics platform with our new Flat Top Riser Rail. This riser rail is made from aircraft-grade 6061 T6, aluminum and has Type III hard coat anodizing for years of rugged use. Engineered to provide the optimal mounting height for all types of optic and ring combinations, the new Flat Top Riser Rail is available in both standard and quick detach models. Made in the USA.

99673 Tactical AR-15/M16 Flat Top Riser Rail
99659 Tactical AR-15/M16 Flat Top Riser Rail QD
These sturdy, versatile mounts easily attach to various AR-15 style hand guards. Picatinny style rails accept a variety of accessories including vertical grips, tactical lasers and flashlights.

48327 AR-15 Rail for Hand Guard
2pc Quad Rail Forends AR-15 Rifle and Carbine
Upgrade your AR-15 rifle or carbine with our new 2-piece Tactical Quad Rail Forend. Engineered to provide superior weapon control and sling movement, this new forend features full length Picatinny quad rails for the ultimate in accessories placement and a rugged 2-piece design that interlocks for maximum strength. Made in the USA.

99680 AR-15 Rifle Length
99679 AR-15 Carbine Length
Full Cover Rail Cover
Weaver's new Full Cover Rail Covers protect unused rail areas from damage while providing a gripping surface that shields the operator from weapon heat and sharp rail edges. Made of santoprene and designed to be a low profile grip surface for improved weapon control, these rail covers clip anywhere on a rail without removing other attachments. They can be easily cut to size if a custom length is required. Made in the USA.

(Cut to Size)

99636 Full Cover Rail Cover – Black
99578 Full Cover Rail Cover – Olive Drab
99579 Full Cover Rail Cover – Dark Earth


Locking Rail Panels Long, Medium and Short


Locking Rail Panels Long, Medium and Short


Locking Rail Panels Long, Medium and Short
Weaver's new Long Locking Rail Panels protect unused rails from damage while providing a gripping surface that shields the operator from weapon heat and sharp rail edges. Made of a tough, ridged polymer and held in place by the patented Rail-Lok integral locking mechanism, these low profile rail panels improve feel and weapon control. Made in the USA.

Locking Rail Panel—Long
Long Locking Rail Panel covers 6⅜" of rail.
99624 Locking Rail Panel Long – Black
99576 Locking Rail Panel Long – Olive Drab
99577 Locking Rail Panel Long – Dark Earth

Locking Rail Panel—Medium
Medium Locking Rail Panel covers 3.2" of rail.
Medium version is perfect for ½ coverage on an AR-15/M4
Carbine length fore end rail.
99628 Locking Rail Panel Medium – Black
99574 Locking Rail Panel Medium – Olive Drab
99575 Locking Rail Panel Medium – Dark Earth

Locking Rail Panel—Short (sets of 2)
Each Short Locking Rail Panel covers 1.6" of rail.
Sold in sets of two, these panels are perfect for those small uncovered areas next to mounted accessories.
99626 Locking Rail Panel Short; pair – Black
99572 Locking Rail Panel Short; pair – Olive Drab
99573 Locking Rail Panel Short; pair – Dark Earth
Low Profile Ladder Cover
Get complete rail protection with minimal weight with the new Weaver® Low Profile Ladder Cover. These new rail covers are made of lightweight santoprene to provide a rubbery grip surface and can be easily cut to size for custom fitting. Each cover offers enough length for 18 rail slots. Made in the USA.

99641 Low Profile Rail Ladder Cover – Black
99566 Low Profile Rail Ladder Cover – Olive Drab
99567 Low Profile Rail Ladder Cover – Dark Earth
Modular Rail Cover Switch Mount
The new Modular Rail Cover Switch Mount combines rail cover protection and pressure switch mount in one handy package. This special purpose rail cover features an integral, recessed pressure switch mount and two interchangeable inserts for different pressure switches. Clips on to any standard Picatinny spec rail. Made in the USA.

99647 Modular Rail Cover Switch Mount – Black
99568 Modular Rail Cover Switch Mount – Olive Drab
99569 Modular Rail Cover Switch Mount – Dark Earth
Low Profile Rail Cover-Wire Loom
Safely keep electrical wires out of the way with the new Wire Loom Rail Cover. This special purpose santoprene 5-slot cover incorporates an integral wire loom to quickly and reliably secure electrical wires commonly found on remote pressure switches. The lattice style cover offers rail protection while adding a minimal amount of weight and profile to any Picatinny style rail. Made in the USA.

99639 Low Profile Rail Cover Wire Loom – Black
99570 Low Profile Rail Cover Wire Loom – Olive Drab
99571 Low Profile Rail Cover Wire Loom – Dark Earth
Mounts, Rings and Bases
No Gunsmith Shotgun Mounts
The multi-slot bases on Weaver's No Gunsmith Mounts let you mount scopes, red dots and laser sights while maintaining optimum eye relief. The low profile, form-fitting design allows you to shoot in your natural position without "peeking." Strong, lightweight and made of tough polymer composite material, these will operate in temperatures between -40°F and 150°F.

48340 Remington 870, 1100, 1187 / 12 and 20 Gauge


Aimpoint Mounts


Aimpoint Ring
Flat top AR-15 owners can now mount their Aimpoint® optics with the legendary hold of Weaver® Rings & Bases. These two new mounts accommodate both the Micro and 30mm Aimpoint and feature 1/3rd co-witness with Mil-Spec iron sights, aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum and Type III hard coat anodizing. Made in the USA.

99668 Tactical Aimpoint® Micro Mount
99667 Tactical Aimpoint® Ring 30mm


Trijicon Acog Compact Mounts


Trijicon Acog Mounts
Combine the power of Trijicon's famous ACOG with the 80-year experience of Weaver®. Our Tactical Trijicon® ACOG Mount is constructed from aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum and treated with Type III hard coat anodizing to perform in the harshest environments. Designed for AR-style flat top rifles, this new mount features wide, low profile knobs that allow rapid removal and remounting of this popular optic—even with gloves. Made in the USA.

99669 Tactical Trijicon® ACOG Mount
99670 Tactical Trijicon® Compact ACOG Mount
Multi Slot Bases
These versatile bases from Weaver® help give your gun the tactical edge. These Multi Slot Bases are constructed of tough, lightweight aluminum so they can withstand the most powerful recoil. They accept all Weaver Top Mount Rings and ccommodate the mounting of devices such as scopes, red dots and laser optics, while allowing for optimal eye relief.

48333 Multi Slot Mossberg 500
48332 Multi Slot Mini-14 (No Rings)
48339 Benelli Multi-Slot
Extended Multi-Slot Bases
Enjoy optical superiority with our new Tactical Multi-Slot Bases. These Picatinny bases are designed for specific models of firearms and provide an additional 1 inch of forward length for more mounting options. Manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum and protected by a matte, Type III hard coat anodized finish, these multi-slot bases are compatible with Picatinny or Weaver style rings. An integral recoil lug, no slip/strip Torx® screws round out the features of these tactical bases. Available with 20 MOA cant for extended range optic adjustment as well as standard zero cant. Made in the USA.

Extended Multi-Slot Base—Winchester® 70 LA/SA
99483 Extended Multi-Slot 1 PC Base Winchester® 70 LA
99479 Extended Multi-Slot 1 PC Base Winchester® 70 LA 20MOA
99484 Extended Multi-Slot 1 PC Base Winchester® 70 SA
99478 Extended Multi-Slot 1 PC Base Winchester® 70 SA 20MOA

Extended Multi-Slot Base—Remington® 700 LA/SA
99499 Extended Multi Slot Base Remington® 700 LA
99486 Extended Multi Slot Base Remington® 700 LA 20MOA
99500 Extended Multi Slot Base Remington® 700 SA
99485 Extended Multi Slot Base Remington® 700 SA 20MOA

Extended Multi-Slot Base—Savage® Accu LA/SA
99493 Extended Multi Slot Base Savage® Accu LA
99494 Extended Multi Slot Base Savage® Accu LA 20MOA
99495 Extended Multi Slot Base Savage® Accu SA
99496 Extended Multi Slot Base Savage® Accu SA 20MOA
Quad Lock Detachable Rings
Two straps and four screws provide added gripping power for these lightweight, all-aluminum rings. Thumbscrews allow for quick detach. Ideal for mounting 1-inch handheld flashlight to a weapon's rail system.

49046 Quad Lock 1" Medium Matte
49047 Quad Lock 1" High Matte
Tactical Rings
In the tactical world, performance is mandatory—there is no compromise. Whether it's intense training or real-life action, you need your zero to stay true. These aircraft-grade aluminum tactical rings feature six points of contact for maximum security and are designed to withstand the most grueling environments imaginable. If you demand the most from your tactical scope, demand Weaver.

48349 6-hole Weaver Ring 1" Medium
48350 6-hole Weaver Ring 1" High Matte
48351 6-hole Weaver Ring 1" X-High Matte
48352 6-hole Weaver Ring 30mm High Matte
48353 6-hole Weaver Ring 1" XX-High
48355 6-hole Weaver Ring 30mm Low
48356 6-hole Weaver Ring 30mm Medium
48354 6-hole Weaver Ring 30mm X-High
6-Hole Picatinny Rings
Weaver's popular 6-Hole Tactical Rings just got the Picatinny treatment. These new rings feature the same six screws for max security and clamping pressure but get serious upgrades for LE and military use. An improved Picatinny crossbolt design (from Weaver® to Picatinny spec), Type III hard coat anodized finish, no strip/slip Torx screws and an increased number of height options make these new 6-hole rings the go-to mounts for all Tactical Precision rifles. Made in the USA.

99688 6-hole Picatinny 1" Ring Medium
99689 6-hole Picatinny 1" Ring High
99690 6-hole Picatinny 1" Ring X-High
99691 6-hole Picatinny 1" Ring XX-High
99692 6-hole Picatinny 30mm Ring Low
99693 6-hole Picatinny 30mm Ring Medium
99694 6-hole Picatinny 30mm Ring High
99695 6-hole Picatinny 30mm Ring X-High
Picatinny Rail Tactical Ring Cap
Make your rings work harder with the new Picatinny Ring Cap. Designed to replace the top ring section of our popular Tactical 6-Hole Ring (in either 1" or 30mm), these new ring caps cleverly incorporate a small Picatinny rail section that's ideal for mounting a small dot optic over a magnified scope. Don't let your need for serious magnification keep you from the close quarter action of a dot optic. Mount our new Picatinny Ring Cap and get the best of both worlds. Made in the USA.

99665 Tactical Picatinny Ring Cap 1"
99664 Tactical Picatinny Ring Cap 30mm
Long Gun Accessories
AR-15/M16 Oversized Trigger Guard
Get to your trigger faster and easier with the new Oversized AR-15/M16 Trigger Guard. This drop-in replacement is enlarged to allow better access to the trigger—even when wearing gloves—and eliminates the need to pivot open guard in cold conditions. The Oversized Trigger Guard also fills in the gap found between pistol grip and rear of guard. Made in the USA.

99663 AR-15/M16 Oversized Trigger Guard
Law Enforcement Colored Stocks
Ram-Line LE stocks are available in a highly visible orange color. Built to tough agency standards, most stocks feature a no-slip forearm design for fast, reliable pump handling and cycling. Colored stocks give law enforcement visual confirmation of both guns and loads.

14125 Ruger Mini 14/Mini 30 (Black)
18025 M-1 U.S. Carbine Stock (Black)
50001 Moss 500, 12 Gauge (Black)
87001 Remington 870, 12 Gauge (Black)
87008 Remington 870, 12 Gauge, Youth (Black)
87010 Remington 870 M&P
Finger Grooved Forearm (Orange)
M16/AR-15 Stripper Clip Guide
Ensure you always have the ability to quickly and easily reload your magazines. This striper clip facilitates quick and easy loading of AR15/M16 magazines when used in conjunction with 10 round stripper clips such as those used with Federal XM193A.

99672 M16/AR15 Stripper Clip Guide - 3 pack
Ergonomic Grip
Get maximum weapon control with the new Ergonomic Grip from Weaver®. Designed with an integral upper extension that helps support the web of your hand and slight finger grooves, this new grip prevents hand fatigue during long hours of weapon handling. Ideal for use with or without gloves. The aggressive textured grip surface minimizes slippage and is virtually impervious to oils and solvents used to clean and lubricate firearms. Made in the USA.

99602 Ergonomic Grip – Black
99563 Ergonomic Grip – Olive Drab
99564 Ergonomic Grip – Dark Earth
Offset Rail Adaptor

Offset Rail Adaptor
Quickly go from a primary, magnified optic to red dot action—without head shift—with the new Offset Rail Adaptor. This mount attaches to any Picatinny spec rail and allows shooters to attach a miniature red dot in the offset position. This mount can also be used for lights or other accessories that typically attach to a Picatinny spec rail. Made in the USA.

99671 Tactical Offset Rail Adaptor
Rail Mount Vertical Grips
Enjoy improved weapon control and heat management with our new Rail Mount Vertical Grips. Molded of high performance fiberglass-reinforced polymer, these vert grips feature redundant clamp screws for secure, reliable mounting and an adjustable fit to compensate for out-of-spec rails. The grip's o-ring sealed storage compartment is ideal for tools, batteries or spare parts while the two different caps (included) allow for custom length. Made in the USA.

99676 Rail Mount Vertical Grip – Black
99561 Rail Mount Vertical Grip – Olive Drab
99562 Rail Mount Vertical Grip – Dark Earth
AR-15 AMBI Sling Adaptor
Quickly and easily attach an ambidextrous sling mounting point without removing your AR-15's buffer tube. The new AR-15 Ambi Sling Adaptor is a no-gunsmith mount that provides sling points on both sides of the receiver. Compatible with snaphooks, MASH hooks, wire loops and sling webbing (up to 1.5" wide) this sling adaptor excels in any one-, two- or three-point tactical configuration. Made in the USA.

99480 AR-15/M4 AMBI Sling Adaptor
Picatinny Sling Adaptor
Do you want options when it comes to mounting your sling? Does your rifle even have a sling swivel? With the Picatinny Sling Adaptor, shooters can affix their sling anywhere on a Picatinny rail. Ideal for AR-style rifles and compatible with any firearm featuring a Picatinny rail, this adaptor increases sling mount options.

99510 Picatinny Sling Adapter
Bi-pod Picatinny Rail Adaptor
Mount your favorite bi-pod to any Picatinny rail with this Champion® Rail Adaptor. This rail adaptor provides a solid platform for mounting a bi-pod to any firearm with a Picatinny rail, offering maximum versatility for bi-pod placement options.

99502 Bi-pod Picatinny Rail Adaptor
Swivel Stud Picatinny Rail Adaptor
If your rifle has a swivel stud, we have a Picatinny option for you. Our new Swivel Stud Picatinny Rail Adaptor attaches to a rifle's swivel to provide a place for any Picatinny-style rail mounted accessories. Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum with a matte Type III hard coat anodized finish, the Swivel Stud Picatinny Rail Adaptor includes steel mounting hardware and a side mounted swivel stud that still allows the use of a sling. Made in the USA.

99468 Swivel Stud Picatinny Rail Adaptor
Rail Mount Sling Adaptor
Attach your sling anywhere on a Picatinny rail with our new Rail Mount Sling Adaptor. Providing multiple sling options/locations, this sling adaptor is compatible with snaphooks, MASH hooks, wire loops, push-button swivels, or up to 1.25" wide sling webbing. Made of 6061 T6 aluminum with matte Type III hard coat anodized finish, the weight is less than an ounce. Made in the USA.

99477 Rail Mount Sling Adaptor
Heavy Duty Push Button Sling Swivel
Get your sling into action fast with the new Heavy Duty Push Button Sling Swivel. With just a push of a button, you can quickly attach or detach a sling from your weapon. Made from quality material and featuring a durable manganese phosphate finish. Made in the USA.

99476 Heavy Duty Push Button Swing Swivel
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