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LE Shooting Support
Gorilla Range Bag
Ideal for the active shooter, the Gorilla™ Range Bag is a solid shooting rest that actually grips your gun and reduces recoil when shooting. Unzip and roll out the bag to give yourself a solid shooting platform. The handy carrying strap makes the rest ideal to take to the range or use in long gun situations. For half the weight and size, try the Mini-Gorilla™ Bag.

40467 Gorilla Range Bag - Filled
Mini Gorilla Bag
Just like its big brother, the Mini Gorilla™ Bag transforms into a variety of shapes and configurations. And while the Mini is only half the size of the original, making transportation even easier, it still provides the same great hold of firearms. The handy carrying strap makes the rest ideal to take to the range or out to the field.

40510 Mini Gorilla Bag


Two-Tone Shooting Bags


Two-Tone Shooting Bags
Champion two-tone shooting bags come filled with a lightweight alternative to sand which make them 50% lighter than conventional sand bags. Strategically placed suede helps grip firearms while improving accuracy.

40472 Two-tone Front Shooting Bag (pre-filled)
40473 Two-tone Rear Shooting Bag (pre-filled)
Champion® offers four bi-pods that are ideal for law enforcement use. Choose between pivot and standard models and enjoy the rock steady hold that keeps you on target when shooting from uneven terrain/surfaces.

40854 Adjustable 6" - 9"
40853 Adjustable 9" - 13"
Pivot Bi-Pods
40855 Adjustable 6" - 9"
40856 Adjustable 9" - 13"
AR-15 Bi-Pods Adaptor
With the AR-15 Bi-Pod adaptor, quickly and easily mount a Champion Bi-Pod to your AR-15 style gun. Designed for round hand guard models, a detachable swivel is also included.

40450 AR-15 Bi-Pod Adapter
Precision Tactical Bi-Pod
As a company that knows a little something about precise, rock solid attachments, we are proud to introduce a new tactical bi-pod. The new Precision Tactical Bi-pod features quick-adjust telescoping legs (7-10 inches), 25 degrees of cant adjustment, skid resistant polyurethane feet and no-hassle, tool-free mounting to Picatinny rails. The rapid deployment system lets shooters quickly and confidently deploy the legs under duress. Each leg is released from a locked position via a large paddle which, when depressed, allows the operator to push and rotate the legs in one smooth motion. Made in the USA.

99550 Precision Tactical Bi-Pod
Folding Maintenance Rest

Folding Maintenance Rest
Expanding from 9¾" to 15", the new Folding Maintenance Rest is the ideal way to be prepared for any shooting situation. With its 5¾" wide base, this portable rest also gives shooters a stable platform in which to clean their firearm. When finished, the rest folds down flat to fit into just about any gear bag.

40440 Folding Maintenance Rest
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