Lawman® Ammunition 38 Special

Train with ammunition that gives you the feel, performance and edge you need when duty calls. Speer® LE Lawman® delivers all the performance of premium ammunition for a fraction of the cost. Lawman uses high-value brass cases, CCI® primers and Speer TMJ® or conventional full metal jacketed bullets. The end result: tight groups and consistent pressure and velocity, every time you squeeze the trigger.

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Average Range:

Trajectory for a 25 yards zero with a sight height of 0.9 inches.
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Part Number: 53757
Bullet Style: TMJ FN
Caliber: 38 Special
Test Barrel Length in Inches: 2-V
Bullet Weight (Grains/Grams): 135 / 8.75
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.154

Velocity in Feet Per Second

Velocity in Feet Per Second
Yards Velocity
Muzzle: 840
25: 821
50: 803
75: 786
100: 769

Energy in Foot Pounds

Energy in Foot Pounds
Yards Energy
Muzzle: 211
25: 202
50: 193
75: 185
100: 177

Average Range *

Average Range
Yards Average Range
50: -2.3
75: -8.0
100: -17.2

* Height of Bullet Trajectory in inches above or below line of sight if zeroed at yards. Sights 0.9 inches above bore line.
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