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Federal Premium® Law Enforcement Shotshell Ammunition

Practice makes perfect. But practicing with your duty loads can get expensive. Our training rounds provide the consistent ballistic performance you need to get real-life practice, at an affordable price. Click below to learn more about the individual loads we offer.

Shotshell Ammunition
Designed for the volume shooter, Federal® Top Gun® ammunition provides optimum performance when it counts. Extra-hard lead shot for tight patterns and select, clean burning powder delivers consistent velocity and reliability. Find you affordable target shells here.
Top Gun® Target

Load Number


Shell Length

Muzzle Velocity

Shot Weight

Shot Sizes

TGL12 - Details122 3/4 / 7011451 1/8 / 31.97.5 ,8 ,9 Compare
TG20 - Details202 3/4 / 7012107/8 / 23.398 ,9 Compare
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